Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hipster Hockey

Dem Canadians, right?  If it ain't hockey, it's curling.  And if it ain't curling or hockey, well, there ain't enough Timbits in the Tundra to ease that condition. Evidence here that if you care about something, you can use it to talk about something else you care about.

I care a thing or three about words, especially when they're written well.  Which for me is kind of like having no arms and being hooked on sign language, but we all have our crosses.  In the case of this song you don't have to wonder whether it's good writing, because you start with a seemingly ridiculous premise:  This guy is going to use curling to describe confusion and conflict in a relationship.  To describe what happens to love after a time, when passions share space with excuses. Curling - the Olympic joke reel.  The PBR of winter sports - hipster hockey.

You start with that premise, and you can scoff at it because it sure sounds scoffable, but then you can listen to the song.  And if you're anything like me (God help you) then you get a little jealous of the skill.

1 comment:

  1. I listened. And then I googled the lyrics just to make sure I got your point. Yeah, I understand the envy bit. Me too.